Climate change and gender issues are closely linked, a connection gaining recognition in discussions on environment and society. Gender inequalities often worsen the impacts of climate change, especially in poorer countries where women face greater vulnerability due to social, economic, and political disparities. For instance, in brick kilns vital for construction, tough environmental conditions exacerbate climate change effects.


In response, Chambal Academy introduces The Udaan Fellowship as a climate action initiative. "Udaan," meaning flight, symbolizes empowering young girls and women to soar as storytellers, sharing their climate action experiences.

The five-month fellowship aims to amplify women's voices in the brick kiln industry, fostering climate justice. It centers on gathering stories from individuals connected to brick kilns in Uttar Pradesh's hinterlands, contributing to climate change policy discussions. Through this initiative, 15 young girls and women will become storytellers, offering vital perspectives and solutions.


Notably, many fellows are first-time mobile phone users. The intervention provides them with essential media literacy and digital storytelling skills and utilizes the power of smartphones to amplify voices from their communities.


The fellowship will run from January to May 2024 in brick kilns in Uttar Pradesh.

About Buniyaad

This collaboration is part of Buniyaad, a movement towards a foundational change for a just transition in the brick kiln sector, where we will bring social, economic and environmental stories related to equitable change in the brick kiln industry of Uttar Pradesh. The main objective of this campaign is to work with brick kiln owners, workers, organizations, technical experts and government policy makers to find clean technology for the industry, which can reduce environmental pollution and center and ensure societal welfare benefits for individuals and communities associated with the industry. The Climate Agenda, 100% Uttar Pradesh Network and Chambal Media are a part of this campaign.

Learn more about Buniyaad here.