Digital Security Toolkit

India has witnessed a surge in digital consumption and technology-led innovation over the past decade. Internet penetration in India has nearly doubled from around 28% in 2016 to 49% in 2022. Average data consumption rose exponentially from 1.24 GB per month in 2018 to 19.5GB in 2022. This growth is fuelled by low data tariffs as well as smartphones becoming cheaper and more accessible. However, as the digital possibility grows, individuals also become more prone to cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Impactful digital experience will be possible only with awareness, adoption of good practices and security measures.

Creating a safe and inclusive digital society is a key part of Chambal Media’s work. Taking the mission forward Chambal academy has created this Digital Security Tool Kit keeping the experiences and challenges of rural India especially women in the forefront.

This interactive guide uses examples and games to explain fundamental concepts such as privacy, creating strong passwords, and using two-factor authentication. It also provides guidance on reporting cybercrimes to the cybersecurity cell. By using this toolkit, users will gain a basic understanding of digital security and recognize the significance of being safe and secure online.


Introduction to Privacy

Digital Safety & Security

Reporting and Blocking

Legal Help and Support

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