Rural Reporting Toolkit

The Rural Reporting Toolkit is a bilingual resource explicitly tailored for journalism in remote regions. Drawing from Khabar Lahariya's extensive two-decade experience in reporting on rural life, this toolkit holds significant promise in empowering journalists and media enthusiasts, thereby elevating the standard and reach of news coverage within these underserved communities. Amidst the dynamic changes in today's media landscape, this toolkit represents a dedicated effort to report and advocate for issues through a feminist lens, grounded in grassroots perspectives, all while upholding the highest journalistic ethics.

By equipping journalists with essential tools and guidance, the toolkit strives to enable them to proficiently collect and disseminate information in today's digital age and also foster a more informed society.

Key Features

Bilingual and Feminist Content
Field-tested Expertise
Storytelling Techniques
Community Engagement Strategies
Ethical Considerations
Real-life Case Studies and Examples

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Khabar Lahariya's Rural Media Fellowship

The Rural Media Fellowship is designed for media professionals hailing from rural or urban areas, including those associated with national outlets, whether in print or digital media, or freelancers serving as reporters or editors either independently or as part of newsrooms. This fellowship aims to facilitate collaboration between these participants and Khabar Lahariya reporters.

By utilizing the gained insights from the rural reporting toolkit, the fellows will strategize and report immersive rural stories on location, delving deeper into the subject matter than conventional news coverage allows. Fellows will get the opportunity to work closely with a Khabar Lahariya Reporter while doing their reporting.


  • 5 Fellows selected through an open call will be awarded Rs.30,000 each.
  • 1 in-depth feature video story or 1 article - bi-lingual reported by the fellows will be published in Khabar Lahariya digital platforms.

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