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Are you bored of reading or watching the news? Does it make your blood boil when it misses all the scams and corruption and crimes you see around you? Do you dream of reporting a story and galvanising your DM into action? Do you see stories behind every tree, or through every window and door? Do you want to travel and meet new people - online and offline?
The world of digital journalism is calling out to you - and we have just the right entry point for you.

About The Course

The purpose of this online course is the introduce the student to rural digital journalism specifically from a feminist perspective - that is, a perspective that sees the world from the perspective of women, and those on the margins of power. Therefore the course will not only introduce the student to the basics of news, reporting and journalism but it will also
encourage students to recognise and understand gender and caste in our society, and how these affect the media we create. The course will prepare the student to use readily available technical resources such as a smartphone - to record and create local, responsible news stories.
First of all, note that this is an asynchronous course. That means there are no live events scheduled at specific times.
You can log in to the course and complete activities at your own pace, at the times and on the days that are most convenient for you. But keep a target in mind 21 days.
Along with the main teaching video we are providing more videos, articles to watch and read. And exercises to practise. Do follow the order of the chapters and videos since they are connected and at times there are references to previous videos.

Course Layout

Module 1 - Role of Rural Journalism in Democracy

This module introduces students to the role of media in democracy with specific reference to rural India. First chapter will help the learner to get a macro perspective of the role of the media in a democracy. Chapter two will be an introduction to the role of rural journalism and will encourage students to start thinking about his/her own identity, context and experience. Last chapter will be an Introduction to the basics: What is news, what is the content of news.


  1. Media and Democracy
  2. Role of Rural Journalism

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